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heh. remember when? sara was right, the situation did not unserious itself. thankfully.

pt. 2 of layomi4eva

my how time flies. it’s been one year since dinah 2012 began and lesbian fandom changed forever. twelve of my favourite layomi shots to celebrate twelve months of love—and hopefully many, many more to come… xoxo

Anonymous said: What about Lauren and Kiyomi's interview on LOTL magazine? Where can I find it?

that is an excellent question. internet? aussie layomites? help your girls out!

a small excerpt to whet your appetite more: 

You can almost picture the producers of The Real L Word rubbing their hands together with glees when two of the show’s hot young stars Lauren Bedford Russell and Kiyomi McClosky fall for each other midway through the season… ‘Cause who amongst us loyal TV viewers doesn’t love a lesbian romance?

For Kiyomi McClosky lead singer in all girl group Hunter Valentine, falling in love on camera was “kind of romantic in a way”.  She explains: “Knowing that you would be able to see that moment when you first met your partner is sort of cute to me. Like, ‘Hey maybe our kids will see this at some point’. Not the x-rated parts though of course,” she laughs.

welcome to the jungle. #aimeemondayz